Slow Art
with the artworks of
Patricia Abramovich

Four artworks of Israeli painter, Patricia Abramovich (Climbing, Taches, Yellow Road, Landscape 2) were exhibited during the Third International Slow Art Day at ARTROM "Home" Gallery. From these four works. the abstract work Climbing was chosen by a guest of the Gallery for the Slow Art process of a 5 minute aware observation.


Climbing, 2008
70 x 80 cm, € 1450

The viewer was deeply touched by the strong and powerful colors of the canvas. The beginning observation was linked to natural visions such as storms, autumn leaves, hurricanes. Then, from these material visions the observation turned to an emotional prospective; burning feelings of death, betrayal, and revenge started mixing with loving feelings of protection and of spiritual elevation.
The painting was also seen in relation to the other artworks with a deep attention to Landscape 2, appreciated by many. The landscape artworks deeply interested the public for their strong influnences of Van Gogh, while the abstract artwork was noted for it's comunicative power to evoke strong emotions.